ratish tagade


It would have been great had I been able to have this conversation with you face-to-face but that not being possible, at least for the time being, allow me to introduce myself…

I am Ratish Tagde, and as of the 27th of June 2005 (which is also my birthday) I have spent 39 years on this beautiful planet. I reside in Mumbai, the commercial & entertainment hub of India and most importantly, I play and love an instrument that is internationally recognised as the ‘Violin’. My initiation into the world of music

The rhythm of my musical life began very early on in life and that too with perhaps the most vibrant Indian rhythmic instrument of them all, the‘Tabla’. I still remember sitting on my father’s lap, as he taught me the rhythm that still reverberates in my heart, mind and soul, and all I need to do is close my eyes… Dha-Dhin-Dhin-Dha…
ratish tagade with guru

Now, in retrospection, I realise that during that childhood training, my father, Shri S. V. Tagde, inculcated in me not just the taalas or musical rhythms but the rhythm of life, that of human values and that of the cycle of our life. It was a learning that has stood me in great stead throughout my life.

At the age of 16, my father directed me towards the world of Violin and since then its strings have become my life, and now, when I play my violin, the music appears not just from within it but from the very depth of my soul and for this I thank my father, my guru.

Having made music my life, I decided to probe the academic side of it and appeared for the Bachelor of Music (B. Mus.) examination in Tabla from the Khairagharha Sangeet Vishvavidhylay, the largest Indian Music University in Asia.

I then also did a three years degree course in Indian Classical Music titled Sangeet Vid as well as a Post Graduate Sangeer Kovid, which is a two years specialised course in Violin. And my thirst for knowledge led me to a second postgraduate course titled ‘Sangeet Praveen’, offered by the most prestigious and the oldest Institution in Indian Classical Music in India called the Prayag Sangeet Sameetee, Allahabad.

Not having yet satiated my craving, I undertook a Masters degree with specialisation in Violin, at the Devi Ahilya Vishvidyalays, Indore, where by the grace of God, I secured the first position in the merit list and a Gold Medal.