Ratish Tagde is an upcoming violinist having remarkable unnderstanding about the Indian Classical music. Since Ratish belongs to a family of musicians; he had a natural inclination towards music from his childhood. He received taleem of 'Gayaki Ang' on violin from his father Shri Sharadchandra Tagde and uncle Dr. Ramesh Tagde. "Anubhuti" is the first album of Ratish Tagde wherein he has rendered two different melodies composed in Raag Sham Kalyan and Raag Jaijaywanti concluding with a well known bhajan 'Chalo Mann Ganga Jamana'.

Track -1:
Raag Sham Kalyan - Vilambit Ektaal (12 beats) & Madhyalaya Teentaal (16 beats)
Track -2:
Raag Jaijaywanti - Two compositions in Madhyalaya teentaal (16 beats)
Track -3:
Bhajan Chalo Mann Ganga Jamuna Ki