Ratish is a Company Secretary in practise possessing corporate experience of over two decades. During his coporate experience Ratish has realised that music plays an important role in boosing the working atmosphear in an office. He has done research on this subject and composed music for corporate houses. The music in this album refeshes an employee and at the same time maintain the office environment live till evening. The tracks have been composed considering office hrs starting 10 AM and ending at 6 pm.

Track -1:
A new inning: Feel Fresh at 10 am
Track -2:
Up beat mood at 12 noon
Track -3:
Happy mood: Lunch time at 1. 30 pm
Track -3:
Happy mood: Lunch time at 1. 30 pm
Track -4:
Relaxiation time at 2.00 pm
Track -5:
Rejuvanation: Start the work at 3.30 pm
Track -6:
Funky time : Tea time at 4.30 pm
Track -7:
Explore within: Day analysis at 6 pm
Track -8:
Cheer up music: Late hrs at 7.30 pm
Corporate Music