Ratish has played eight Ragas as per the Samay chakra of the Indian Ragas. Only Hindusthani Music deals with the samay andn the composition of a particular Raga. For example Raga Ahir Bhairav is always played in Morning and if this raga is played in the night it will not have that the impact on the audience. Therefore there is direct nexus between the Raga and the samay chakra. Going further deep in the subject, Ragas have been indentified even hour/prahar wise. Ratish has tryed to showcase the relationship between Samay Chakra and different Ragas. Ratish has played all compositions in different Talas of Hindusthani Classical Music.

Track -1:
Raga Ahir Bhairav composed in Taal Teen Tal (16 bits)
Track -2:
Raga Desi Composed in Taal Rupak (7 bits)
Track -3:
Raga Bhimpalasi composed in Taal Zaptaal (10 bits)
Track -4:
Raga Shudhha Sarang composed in Taal Ektal (12 Bits)
Track -5:

Raga Puria Dhanashri composed in Matta Taal (9 bits)
Track -6:

Raga Yaman composed in Taal Addha (16 bits)
Track -7:

Raga Bageshri composed in Taal Laxmi (11 bits)
Track -8:

Raga Bhairavi composed in Taal Dadra (6 bits)
bhaira To Bhairavi